About Us

We have a passion for helping women achieve a healthy happy lifestyle whilst managing the day-to-day activities of being a mother. Our aim is to assist mothers achieve fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle with a combination of exercise and healthy eating. Our program is designed for everyday mothers and provides an exercise program that caters for all fitness levels and pelvic floor concerns.

We provide group exercise classes in local parks to enable mothers to bring their children along to the sessions. This way, we feel that mothers and children get the benefit of being out in the fresh air without the hassle of organising childcare. Our exercise classes include a variety of cardio, resistance/strength exercises, flexibility, core stability and pelvic floor exercises. (Please note: Children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times during classes. Our personal trainers will endeavour to assist whenever possible; however parents must understand that their children remain the responsibility of the parent throughout the exercise classes.) ShapeUp Mums provides a social opportunity for mothers to meet like-minded mothers.

To assist women in their endeavour to achieve their ideal body weight we encourage our clients to seek the assistance of our dietitian. who can assist clients to set realistic goals and provide strategies to ensure that these goals are achieved in a timely manner. A great way to maximise the benefit of the program is to utilise our ‘Munch & Crunch’ program. This program combines unlimited exercise classes and monthly dietetic consultations to achieve desired weight loss and dietary outcomes.

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10 Reasons to try ShapeUp Mums

  1. We conduct detailed pre-exercise assessments and monitoring to ensure the safest program is tailored to each individual
  2. Join the unofficial ‘Mothers group’ in your local area, meet other Mums with similar health and lifestyle values
  3. Every session is run by a qualified personal trainer with expertise in pelvic floor safe exercise
  4. We incorporate a combination of cardio, resistance/strength training, flexibility, core stability and pelvic floor exercises in every class
  5. We have a qualified dietitian on staff that can assist individuals to achieve their goal body weight
  6. Exercise sessions are conducted in the company of your children, each Mum is being a role model for their child
  7. General practitioners, physiotherapist and chiropractors recommend ShapeUpMums
  8. All exercise and dietetics sessions are conducted on an evidence based practice (based on the high level and recent research)
  9. We provide individual class modifications to deliver all clients with appropriate exercises to cater for differing fitness and pelvic floor capabilities.
  10. SHAPEUP MUMS clients return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster than women who do not exercise

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