Your Trainers

Ali Broomfield

Ali is the proud owner of Shape Up Mum’s. Starting as an enthusiastic instructor for SUM’s in early 2013 she saw first hand the benefits of developing a strong pelvic floor and core control.

Ali is a qualified personal trainer from the UK who has previously worked as a Fitness instructor and group class instructor in gyms throughout England. She took a break from the fitness industry to travel and fell in love with Australia. Ali has always maintained a very active lifestyle.

Ali feels that a fit and healthy lifestyle can help bring light into people’s lives and knows firsthand the challenges experienced during pregnancy and after childbirth.  After having a beautiful boy ‘Archer’, she is completely empathetic to mums who struggle to achieve a healthy lifestyle balance. She is excited to be helping mums feel healthier, fitter and stronger by encompassing her passion for fitness.

Ali’s aim is to help women feel happy and confident whilst achieving all their health and fitness goals in a safe, social and inviting environment.

Vicky Anderson

Vicky has always been passionate about health and fitness, but it was her desire to move away from her IT career that led to her retraining as a personal trainer.
Growing up in chilly England, Vicky loves being able to exercise outdoors with the Shape Up Mums group exercise sessions.  She also keeps fit through regular resistance training at the gym, swimming, and running and has been a Yoga devotee for 10 years.

Vicky has 2 beautiful children, Levi (3 ½ yrs) and Mya (20mths) and understands firsthand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep up with energetic toddlers.

Vicky is excited about her new career in the fitness industry and helping Mums recover post child birth and achieve their health and fitness goals



Min Hum

After years of juggling aMin corporate job with a young family, Min finally decided to pursue a career that she was passionate about but allowed for flexibility.
Min has always loved health and fitness and her goal to work with clients who she could relate to led her to join Shape Up Mums.
Min understands that every mum has different fitness goals and she’s keen to train her clients in a safe but effective manner. “I want my clients to leave class feeling like they’ve had a great workout but not be too sore the next day to pick up their kids”. Her programs combine both cardio and strength training suitable for all levels of fitness.

To stay healthy, Min enjoys morning runs and strength training in her garage. One of Min’s greatest joys is being outdoors with her boys. Whether it’s chasing her kids on scooters or kicking a ball at the park, she sees great benefits in exercising with her kids.
Min has found great satisfaction in working with other mums. “Shape up Mums is unique in that it is tailored purely to the needs of mums. Whether it’s sleep deprivation or an aching body from breastfeeding, we are in the company of others who just understand!”

 Tara Henderson



Tara has worked in the fitness industry  for over eight years, specializing in women’s health.  She has maintained her work in the industry alongside a career in public health, and truly loves working with people to achieve the  short and long term benefits that exercise has on a person’s mental, physical and emotional health.

After  becoming a first time mum to her little boy Xavier in 2014, Tara was very excited to join SUMs not only as a trainer but as a fellow mum!

She understands first hand the importance of undertaking appropriate exercise post birth and rebuilding strength and flexibility in a way that is functional for the every day movements that mothers undertake

 Linda Lin

img_0346Linda has always enjoyed doing outdoor activities as she grew up in the farm where lots of running, cycling and all sorts of sports were played.  Even after moving to Australia in her early childhood ages she continued her passion of staying active by participating and representing her school in athletics.
Linda ended up in accounting and finance industry which she also has a passion for but after years of juggling a corporate job and raising a small young family she found she missed the active side of life.  This is when she became serious about taking on another career choice in fitness.
Linda is aware that a balanced family/work lifestyle is important and staying fit and healthy will help achieve that balance – especially running after those little ones!  She is motivated and enthusiastic to share and coach others to achieve their fitness goals





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