Following the birth of a baby a female’s body continues to undergo a number of changes. During the first few months it is important to focus on the health and both the Mother and baby to ensure adequate nutrition (if you are breastfeeding) for the baby and recovery for the Mother.

As the weeks turn to months, most Mums start to recognise that most (if not all) of their attention and focus is on their little bundle of joy. As times continue to pass it is imperative that Mums start to share that focus on to themselves and also their partners. This often coincides with females starting to think about becoming more active and trying to move those kilos we gained during the pregnancy. Here are 10 potential ways to help you feel good about yourself by getting back in shape.

  1. Leave the house once a day, take your baby for a walk while they sleep and give yourself some light exercise and fresh air.
  2. Purchase some fitness DVD’s and make the most of the time when your baby is asleep. DVD’s are great when you don’t feel up to getting out of the house with your baby.
  3. Organise to meet your mother’s group at a local park or café, and organise with some of the other Mother’s to walk to the café or park.
  4. Join a group fitness session that specialises in exercise for Mums, where you can take your little one with you whilst you exercise.
  5. Purchase a fitball and a yoga mat, with these two very cheap pieces of equipment you can find endless number of exercises to do at home
  6. Seek out a local Mums and bubs yoga class, a great way to meet local mothers and introduce some gentle and safe exercise
  7. Discuss with your partner a plan of times that you will exercise, and try and plan these out at the start of the week. When you verbalise a plan, the chance you will actually complete the task increases.
  8. Set you and your partner a challenge, that every weekend you will do some sort of exercise together. This might be as simple as a walk or run, or it might be more adventurous like swimming.
  9. Keep honest with yourself. Start with a plan of exercising 1-2 times/week and build it up once you have achieved this.
  10. Try and exercise at a similar time each day (often the morning is best!). If you schedule your exercise in at a similar time, it becomes more routine and makes it easier to get of the house and do it. When you keep planning to exercise a little later in the day, we all know it often never happens!!
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