6 ways to stay motivated in the cold

With only one month until spring, we know that Summer is just around the corner.  So it’s definitely time to think about how we can keep motivated to exercise and get in Shape. With some very cool, windy and wet mornings at the moment – I thought I would help you all out with some tips on how to stay motivated while it is cold!

  • Tell someone you are going to exercise! Make yourself accountable to someone else, this might be a friend or family. It’s always best to choose someone that might give you that little nudge towards the door, should you try and back out of exercising!!
  • Plan out your exercise week! At the start of the week write an exercise plan, so that you know what type of exercise you will do each day. This way you know how much time to allow for your exercise each day, and what other commitments you can fit in!
  • Wear the right clothes! Sounds obvious, but if you are too cold or too hot, exercise can be even harder. So ensure that you invest in some full length leggings, a good sports bra/crop top, a singlet and a breathable long sleeve top. If you’re not sure where to go and find all of theses, give the lovely girls at Lululemon Camberwell a visit. You will come away with great clothes to exercise in, that will last forever!!
  • Rug up your children or babies!! If you are planning to exercise in the company of your children or babies, rug them up! This may mean investing in a warm sleeping bag, a fleecy all-in-one, beanie, mittens and a rain cover for your pram for babies and some gumboots and a puddle suit for older kids. No one likes to be cold and wet, and we all know that our little ones will have something to say if they are cold!
  • Book in for exercise sessions. Be super organised and book into exercise sessions well ahead of time (if you can).  This way you actually have to cancel the session to get out of it!!
  • Start warming up as soon as your leave the house! Start walking/running as soon as you leave the house, to start warming up. If you hop in the car to get to training, you have to go through that second shock or leaving your car!
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