Over recent weeks we have been doing some more complex boxing combinations. For our new Mums, some of the terminology is a little unfamiliar. So I thought I would explain the different types of punches that we commonly do.

It is important to always remember when we are doing any boxing exercises to have your pelvic floor strongly engaged. It’s not only when you are boxing, but also when you are holding the pads that you are working and needing that strong pelvic floor. If you feel that you are unable to maintain your pelvic floor, take a break – relax the pelvic floor and recommence when you are ready. Always listen to your body…


A jab is a punch with the left hand, straight ahead. It is an overhand punch at the point of contact (which means the palm is facing towards the ground).


A cross is a punch with the right hand. It is a power punch, as it is usually done with the dominant hand. The right hand crosses your body to travel in a straight line to your opponent.  Weight is transferred from the read foot to the front foot, which results in the rear heal turning outwards


A hook is a punch that can be done with either hand. A hook is usually aimed at the side of the chin. It is executed with a bent arm, usually about 90 degree angle at the elbow, the arm swings on a horizontal arc to connect with the side of the face/chin. The weight will shift towards the rear foot, to allow the front foot to pivot


An uppercut (or upper) is a punch that can be done with either hand. It is usually aim at the underneath of your opponents chin. It is an upward motion that initiates around belly button height, and comes upwards towards the chin.

We can also use a simply combination of a jab and cross and do these ‘up high’ or ‘out to the ‘side.’

If you ever feel unsure about your technique, let us know – we are always there to help!

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