With the recent article in the Leader newspapers about what clothes mums should wear when exercising. I thought it was a great opportunity to write something a little more detailed.

I definitely don’t hide my love of Lululemon clothes, and the girls at the Camberwell store are just too helpful! I find it very difficult to leave the store, without holding one of those great red bags in my hand! The great thing for Mums, is that the whole store is easy to get around with a pram and the changing room area is big enough to park a pram and most of the stores have some toys too. Anyway, back to what I am writing about – what to wear….

Starting at the top:

  • A cap +/- sunglasses in summer is a must. We need to be role models for our little ones, so we need to set the example.
  • A good sports bar. For our breastfeeding Mums a wirefree sports bra is a must, it needs to be supportive (even without wire). When I was breastfeeding and running, I found that Berlie had a good wirefree sports bra. They definitely are not designed to feed in, but we can’t have everything we want (unfortunately!) For our non-breastfeeding mummies, a sports bra or crop top is still essential. We need to ensure that we have the correct support when exercising.
  • Singlets/T-shirts. When exercising, I prefer to layer – so that I can strip off layers as I warm up. For this reason I always start with a singlet. If you are choosing a T-shirt, make sure you have something breathable to draw the sweat away and keep you comfortable.
  • Long sleeves.  In the current climate – a must! Wearing a breathable long sleeve over a singlet is a great way to keep warm, as your warming up. Lululemon has a great range of T-shirts and long sleeves in the ‘Run swiftly’ range, these are designed to draw the sweat away and be breathable.
  • A jumper/jacket. We all need to arrive somewhere before or after exercising, so any jumper or jacket that is easy to get on and off will do for this!
  • Leggings. I am defiantly a fan of exercising in leggings. After giving birth, it’s nice to have a pair that provides support around the hips and that ‘tummy area’. I think it’s worth having a pair of ¾ leggings (I love Lululemons Run Inspire Crops, by far my favourite leggings!!) and a full length leggings, so that you aren’t cold in the cool months, but you still are comfortable as spring comes along.
  • Shorts/bike shorts. For the warmer months it’s often too hot to exercise in leggings, even ¾ ones. It’s worth finding a pair of bike shorts or shorts that fit well. When you purchase an item like this, doing a few deep squats and run on the spot, just to see if they will ride up your legs. It’s worth finding something you will be comfortable in!
  • Shoes and socks. I’m no podiatrist, but I know the importance of a good pair of shoes. Don’t just pull out the old pair of runners, which has been sitting there for 5 years!! Invest in something you feel comfortable, supported and like the look of. I know it sounds silly, but if you hate the look of them – you won’t wear them! After years or wearing Asics, I recently went in Nike – ‘just to have a look!’ Well needless to say, I have been converted. I love that my new runners are lighter, yet more supportive then my old ones. It’s worth having a look around, when buying your next pair of runners.
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