Fitwise Physiotherapy

Level 4, Albert St Medical Centre

372 Albert St, East Melbourne, 3002

(03) 9486 0512

Fitwise is primarily a Women’s Health practice providing high quality physiotherapy, education and exercise programs tailored to fit the individual.  They commonly treat women for pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor issues (bladder/bowel control, prolapse etc) and a range of other musculoskeletal conditions. They run fitness, Pilates and birthing skills classes for pre and post natal women as well as strength classes for older women wanting to improve bone health and prevent falls.

Additional features of Fitwise Physiotherapy include:

  • They have a real-time ultrasound machine to allow them to assess the function of your deep tummy and pelvic floor muscles
  • They have small group sizes in all their classes to allow individual attention and maximum supervision
  • Babies and children are welcome at all physiotherapy, Pilates and fitness sessions
  • All of their physiotherapists are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Continence and Women’s Health Special Interest Group

How might Fitwise help Mums?  Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and pelvic floor issues are common in the pre and post natal population and can have a negative effect on your ability to exercise. Exercise allows new mums to feel fit, strong and healthy as they care for their newborns and has a positive effect on mood. Fitwise aims to assist all new mums realize their exercise potential by helping treat any pain, discomfort or muscle weakness that might be holding you back.

Is Fitwise baby/child friendly? Yes we are baby and child friendly. Mums are welcome to bring their children along to all physiotherapy, Pilates and fitness sessions. We have nappy changing facilities and are supportive of breastfeeding.

General advice from the Fitwise Physios: If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your neck, back or pelvis during day-to-day activities and/or while you are exercising OR you have had any leaking when you cough, sneeze, laugh or lift your baby, it is important to seek help. These are signs your pelvic floor and deep tummy muscles (your “core muscles”) may not have fully recovered from the birth of your baby and may need to be specifically assessed and strengthened. A Fitwise Physiotherapist can help with this.

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