Auburn Chiropractic Centre

Suite 1/31 Malmsbury St Hawthorn (off Auburn Rd opposite the Geebung).

9818 8835.

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Auburn Chiropractic Centre provide gentle, low force chiropractic care that focuses on finding the cause of your problem and assist your body to get back to its normal function. We do this through very gentle adjustments to the spine and specific checks of the nervous system. No cracking or twisting or anything painful at all!

How might Fitwise help Mums? Their goal is to get your body working and feeling better again. This might include assisting the healing process post labour, help you regain strength and confidence in your body, relieving pain from the labour process or from carrying a baby for nine months, or just the brand new day to day demands of feeding (neck, arm and shoulder pain), lifting prams, bending down into cots or car seats (low back pain and sciatica).

They help mums after labour to regain their proper body alignment and muscle tone, and to cope with exercise again- to get the most out of your exercise.

The majority of Dr Bianca Dobson’s (Shape Up Mums client!) clients are mums/ or pregnant soon to be mums, babies and children.

They also help babies with colic, feeding issues, sleep issues, irritable babies, and children with immune system challenges (recurrent ear infections, digestive problems, etc.) and children with developmental delays or learning difficulties.

Is Auburn Chiropratic Centre child friendly? They are a dedicated baby and child friendly practice. Their reception support staff are mum’s themselves and have a special interest in looking after/playing with your child while we take care of you. They have a toy corner, drawing table, baby change facilities and are an ABA ‘breastfeeding welcome here’ business. We don’t operate like a library so your child is always welcome, noise and all!

Special discount for Shape Up Mums – We offer a free complimentary massage for all Shape up Mums clients who come in as new patients.

Advice from Dr Bianca Dobson– Do you want the most out of your personal training? A study on athletes who had no acute or chronic injuries compared with a control group looked at agility, balance, perception of touch, power and speed reactions after 6 weeks of chiropractic care, and then again after 12 weeks. After 6 weeks the chiropractic group had a 10.57% improvement compared to a 4.5% in the control group and the 12 week evaluation showed a further 16.7% improvement in the chiropractic group. The authors commented, “The correction of spinal misalignments enables the body to function and perform at a higher level”. So if you’re training hard with SHAPE UP MUMS get the most out of your body and get a chiropractic adjustment as well.

Additional comments from Bianca – As a mum to 22 month old Noah I have been training with Shape up Mums since April. I love my sessions and have had such an improvement in pelvic floor strength, cardio fitness, muscle tone and weight loss- all due to the Shape up Mums personal training. It is a vital part of mine and Noah’s week, he loves to run around at the park with the other kids, and I find it a great time to catch up with other like-minded mums. My own chiropractic care has helped me get back into training seamlessly and obtain great results.

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