We have all thought about what we would like to achieve in 2013, and some of us will have made the decision to make a ‘New Year’s resolution’ for the year. So how do you keep on track to achieve these goals, and what can you do along the way to ensure that you are successful.
1. Make a SMART resolution! Make you resolution or goal for 2013;

Specific – be very clear about what your goal is, try to limit the resolution/goal to only 1 thing!

Measurable – be able to measure whether you are successful or not.

Achievable – don’t try and set yourself a goal to exercise everyday for the year, if you realistically only normally exercise once/fortnight!            You want to set yourself up to achieve your goal.

Realistic – Set a realistic goal, that you can realistically achieve. Be realistic about what you can do on an ongoing basis, not just this week or the month of January.

Timely – give yourself a timeframe for achieving the goal/resolution. It may be for the whole year, or it may be for an event/special occasion you have coming up.

By setting a goal that ticks all of these boxes, you are setting yourself a goal that realistically be achieved!

2. Tell friends and family your resolution/goal. Sounds like an easy thing to do, but this really does make a difference for many people. Tell your friends and family what you would like to achieve, that way they can check-up with you at the end of the week.

3. Give yourself rewards! Everyone needs to feel like they are being rewarded, not just our little ones! So set yourself some smaller milestones along the way, and reward yourself if you are able to successfully meet them. If you are trying to lose ‘X’ kilos by the end of the year, break it down into monthly targets – when you reach them, you get rewarded. Buy yourself some new training clothes or a new top to wear out. If you are trying forgo sometime (maybe chocolate!) then reward yourself with something else at the end of each month you are successful!

4.  Tell you Shape Up Mums trainer. We love to know what you are working towards so we can help you – that’s what we are all there to do! If you have set yourself a resolution or goal that is relevant in any way to exercise or nutrition, we want to help. Our trainers are more than happy to discuss how you can meet an exercise goal, and our dietitian Sally is more than happy to help you achieve any nutrition or weight loss goals you have for 2013.

Sally Muir – Personal trainer and dietitian



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