My name is Alex, my son Lachie is now 9 months old and we love ShapeUp Mums!

Alex Ellis - June 2012

Alex Ellis – June 2012

I have always been a very active person and was feeling like a big couch potato after giving birth.  After I got through the initial weeks of settling into life as a new mum I decided to give ShapeUp Mums a go – one of the key deciding factors was that I could bring Lachie along and didnt have to find a babysitter (and the free session made it easy to try it out!). Although it was a bit of an effort to get out and about the first few times, I became a regular and found it very motivating to have something to look forward to out of the house each week. At first it was so great just getting out into the fresh air, meeting other mums in my local area and being able to chat about babies and kids with like minded people.My trainers Sally and Jacqui were really careful about ensuring all the early exercises were tailored to suit my stage of recovery and didnt put too much strain on my pelvic floor. As I got fitter and stronger they challenged me to increase my intensity when it felt appropriate and also modified my exercises to help me rehab a shoulder strain due to breastfeeding. I normally like to push myself pretty hard but now I am grateful they kept an eye on me and didnt let me get ahead of myself – I have heard many horror stories of pelvic floor problems, but 9 months later I am now back to running up to 10km and have set myself a goal to run 15km in the Run for the Kids fun run. Through ShapeUp Mums I have learnt when to push myself and when to hold back.

I knew it might take a while to get my body back into shape after child birth so I set myself a

Yummy Mummy Alex - Dec 2012!

Yummy Mummy Alex – Dec 2012!

goal of getting back in shape by Lachie’s first birthday. I started with ShapeUp Mums when Lachie was 7 weeks old, and attended twice a week regularly. I was really surprised how quickly I started feeling good about myself and how much easier it was once I made the intial effort to get of the couch in winter and commit to attending sessions. By 6 months post birth I was back to within a couple of kilos of my pre baby weight and although my body is slightly different now, I am so happy with where I am. I still want to lose a few more kilos, but ‘Im pretty sure they wont budge until I stop eating chocolate every day – you definitely deserve some rewards looking after a baby all day!!Lachie is now loving being able to crawl about on the picnic rug and play with other kids while I exercise, and while I have dropped back the number of sessions I am attending as I get ready to go back to work, ShapeUp Mums will be a permanent feature in my diary to keep me fit and healthy!