As the months progress through your pregnancy, you slowly decide that particular pieces of clothing – ‘Just don’t fit!!’ As our bodies change, it’s one of the many joys that pregnancy brings. For me, if I’m honest – I don’t particularly enjoy not being able to fit in my clothes. But we need to remind ourselves of the miracles inside, as the reasons we become pregnant (more than once!)

For me – having clothes available that fit well, and make you feel and look good whilst pregnant is important. And I can honestly say, that I have well and truly road tested fitness gear this pregnancy! As I have been living in my gym clothes ~ 7 days /week, they have been worn and washed over and over again!!

I have to make an admission; I also hate buying specific maternity clothes (due to the ridiculous price brands put on maternity clothes, plus you only get to wear them for such a limited amount of time!)! Hence my suggestions below are not specifically designed for pregnant mums – instead regular fitness gear that accommodates your bodies!!

So I thought I’d share some of my favourites from this pregnancy, as they have helped me feel good about myself (whilst in gym clothes) which always helps us want to stay active!! As expected my favourite brand Lululemon features heavily!

Lululemon – Astro Crop

Lulucrop1 Lulucrop2  Suggested by one of our lovely clients (Janee), who works at Lululemon – this crop features a band that is crisscrossed at the top. The two pieces of fabric sit comfortably below your belly (as it grows). The great thing about these ¾ leggings, is that they are still supportive/comfortable when you are not pregnant!!

Lululemon – Cool Racerback (long)

LulutopI was a fan of the ‘regular’ version of this singlet before I became pregnant. But since my bump has grown, I can’t tell you how much I ‘love’ the Long Cool Raceback! The long line covers my bump so comfortably, it actually covers ½ my bum too!! I haven’t had to pull down my top once, when wearing this great singlet. I’m conservative when it comes to my bump, and don’t like to walk around with my belly hanging out!! So this singlet ticks all the boxes for me!!

A good sports bra!

So I currently don’t have a favourite sports bra to recommend. I’ve had to cease all high impact exercise, due to pelvic instability. However – if you do continue to be very active through the later part of your pregnancy, ensure you have a very supportive sports bra. Why not visit our friends at Brava Sport (either online or in-store), they specialise in sports bras for all sizes.


Maternity bathersOk, so I’m not talking about the bathers you choose to wear to the beach over summer – that’s your choice!! I’m talking about bathers for going swimming. Yes you can wear your summer togs, but as a past swimmer I hate the wear that the chlorine has on my bathers. So I always purchase specific ‘swimming’ bathers, which are chlorine resistant!

I’m loving the Speedo maternity bathers, they look good – and feel great. I’m not worried about my top riding up over my stomach, as it’s a once piece. And the gathering of fabric on the sides, allows for plenty of growth at my tummy. If you plan on swimming later in pregnancy (which is a great option if you have any signs of pelvic instability) – definitely think about making the investment in a pair of these bathers!

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