Many mums worry that as the days become colder and wetter that exercising outside is not a great option. At Shape Up Mums we have witnessed firsthand, how being prepared and organised for these colder days pays off! So here are some tips from personal experience that we have learnt from Shape Up Mums along the way!


For the little ones that aren’t on the move, the following are great:

All in one – Jumper suit


These Jumper Suits keep bubs very warm and are easy to get on and off and you can layer under it too, so you can doubly make sure they are warm. The ones pictures are from Kathmandu and can be ordered online. I have also seen similar ‘Jumper’ material suits in Gap and Purebaby.




Beanie & Mittens

To keep their little heads, ears and hands warm.

Abi and Noah puddle suit









Foot Muff or Sleeping bag



This will depend on the style of your pram. We have seen the difference these can make, One Winter, one of our regular Hawthorn mums was experiencing an unhappy baby at each session until she purchased a foot muff for her pram – and then she was very happy!

These can be purchased from all the baby shops like Baby Bunting. Many of the prams have specific foot muffs/sleeping bags that fit snugly in your pram.






Puddle suits

Abi & Phoebe3(resized)This is a great idea for little ones that are on the move. Whether they are crawling, learning to walk or running around – a puddle suit will give you piece of mind that they WILL stay dry. A great site for these is Muddlarks and Splashsuits I have also seen them at Katmandu, and other outdoor & camping stores. There are all in one overall suits, or you purchase the trousers and jackets separately. Also Feedback about the Bib and Brace style has been great as these are easy to get on and off – they look like cute little firefighters too!

(If you purchase through Splashsuits, mention SHAPE UP MUMS to receive a discount!)






Abi's shoes







A must for keeping dry feet, and avoiding their runners from ending up like the ones pictured! (I learnt the hard way!!). At least this way you know when they want to jump in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig they will stay dry!



 A warm jumper

Investing in a warm jumper/jacket will ensure that your toddler’s core remains warm. A polar fleece is great , as it is easy to wash when it gets dirty and keeps them  super warm.

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