As we approach the warmer months, (and my upcoming QLD holiday!) I am reminded that soon I will be taking the endless layers off to get in my bathers! As I’m still breastfeeding regularly, I need to ensure that I am eating really well so that poor Milly doesn’t suffer!
Towards the end of June I realised that I was eating at least a block of Top Deck chocolate a week. To some that will sounds like a large amount, to our chocoholic mums they will say ‘a week it took you to eat the block, why not a day!!’

So I decided it was time to try and change something – and I had an idea! Why not go without chocolate next month – and I realised that just isn’t realistic. For a breatfeeding mum (that is always hungry!) how would I go completely without something I love!! So I did a switch, I cut all milk chocolate out of my diet and have been enjoying 1-2 pieces a day of dark chocolate. We all know the health benefits of dark chocolate, plus the lower sugar content, and I have pleasingly found that 1-2 piece of dark chocolate takes me much longer to eat and it much more satisfying.

I am really pleased to say that for the full month of July I didn’t eat any milk chocolate, and it really was easy! So here I am throwing it out to our mums – if you are trying to break a habit to help you lose 1-2 kilograms that have been difficult to shift. Why not make a switch:

–          Instead of having ice-cream à have a bowl of yoghurt and strawberries

–          Instead of having sugar in your coffee à cut it by ½ or try an artificial sweetener

–          Instead of having a glass of fruit juice à have a piece of fruit!

–          Instead of having full cream dairy à have low fat dairy

–          Instead of having the same size meal as your partner à ensure you serves are at least ¼ smaller

–          Instead of snacking on biscuits/chips à carry dried fruit and nuts with you, so you choose to snack on those

To help make it a success – tell someone you are doing it, so they can keep you accountable for the whole month!!!

I can honestly say it has not been difficult to make the switch, and I’m pleased to say it has resulted in a decrease on the scales!!

Sally Muir – Dietitian and Personal Trainer

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