I wish I had an easy recipe for how to get flat abs! If it was as easy as a following a simple diet, I would definitely tell you!

There are some basics for how to be at your best for the warmer months when you want to wear less clothing (eg. Bathers!) As a new mum, the thought of getting into your swim suit is often enough for many to decide they will never go swimming again! This needn’t be the case. We have three long months until summer, plenty of time to get on track and feel great about yourself.

Most of you will read these simply tips, and think – that’s nothing new! To be honest, it’s not – you will have most likely heard it all before. But as I often say to people, ‘You have a choice.’ If you decide to embark on feeling fantastic this summer – than jump on board and commit to a health and fitness goal.

  1. Commit, commit, commit! This is the easy part, decide what it is that your goal will be and commit to it. It might be to feel fantastic, it might be to lose XXkg, it might be to be able to run 5km (without stopping to walk). Once you have decided, tell your trainers (or a loved one) so we can keep an eye on your progress and check in to see how it is tracking!
  2. Get rid of the junk. Make it easy for yourself, and remove all junk, sugary drinks and foods, highly processed foods from your cupboards and fridge. No one needs all of this and you will feel better without it. Without it in your cupboard, it’s not easily accessible so you can’t just nibble on it throughout the day!
  3. Plan your week. If you have a plan of what exercise you are going to do each day, and when you will fit it in, you are more likely to achieve it! If you happen to miss a day, it will also make you prioritise getting your exercise on the subsequent days of the week!
  4. Plan your eating. Some people can only plan for today, others (like me) plan for what we will eat for the week ahead. Not only does this save trips to the supermarket, but it ensures that you have thought about what you will eat and you can plan for healthy meals, rather than ‘convenience’ only!!
  5. Give yourself a prize!! Think of something you want, or want to do and let it be a prize for achieving your health and fitness goal. It might be a piece of gym clothing (which will also inspire you to keep exercising!), a dinner out to your favourite restaurant, a weekend away – or if you really want to go all out ask your partner to buy you a new car if you achieve your goal!!! (I WISH!!)
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