AnnabelHi my name is Annabel and I’m proud to say that I’m fitter than I have ever been thanks to Shape Up Mums.

I have two beautiful daughters, Lilla (4 years) and Eva (7 months) and joined Shape Up Mums when Eva was around 9 weeks old.

Having been moderately fit prior to becoming pregnant (jogging 5-8 km twice a week), I was keen to get back into some form of regular exercise as soon as possible after Eva’s birth.  My goal was not only to shed the extra kilos and ditch the maternity jeans, but also to regain some sanity and meet like-minded people.

Shape Up Mums was ideal.  During the early weeks, we focused on pelvic floor strengthening and rediscovering our abdominal muscles.  Before long, I was able to increase the intensity of cardio and strength training.  The exercises were very much tailored to the individual so everyone could go at their own pace.

What I wanted was a physical challenge, so my trainer Claire and I discussed working towards a half marathon.  I had never done a fun run before so this was a big deal.  I started slowly with two personal training sessions a week mixed with a couple of short jogs and then gradually increased the distance. Being a keen runner herself, Claire was full of useful advice about training technique and diet.

There were certainly motivational hurdles to overcome – cold mornings, sleep deprivation, cranky baby and engorged boobs – but with a bit of careful planning I rarely missed a session. There was a real sense of accomplishment in getting fitter and stronger.

And earlier this month I did it! I completed the half marathon in 2 hours.  Something I never thought possible.

Thanks to Renee, Claire and Sally.