From our recent client feedback survey, the most popular topic that you want covered in the newsletter is ‘Exercise ideas for home!’ So here it is….

Exercise with baby

No excuses for not having any equipment, all of you can use your baby!! Making sure if you are using your baby as a weight, that the weight of the baby is evenly distributed. Therefore its important not to have them on your hip, either on your front or back is ok. You can even make it easier for yourself and put them in a baby carrier (for some of the exercises)! Some great exercises to do with your baby include:

  • Baby kiss push –ups, just like your usual push up (remember your 3 SUM options we give you) as your chest is at the bottom of the push up kiss your baby and push back up.
  • Baby squats, again remember you pelvic floor squatting principles. Make sure your baby is sitting evenly on your front (even weight distribution). Ensure that your pelvic floor is being activated as you rise out of the squat
  • Baby walking/static lunges, same as above.
  • Sitting baby shoulder press, sitting on the edge of a seat, holding your baby at the armpits (for babies old enough to have good head control!!). Hold your baby at chest height, and then extend your arms above your head. Ensure pelvic floor is activated whilst pressing upwards
  • Sitting baby clock, sitting on the edge of your seat, holding your baby at the armpits (for babies old enough to have good head control!!). With semi-straight arms move baby around in front of you like a clock, then change direction.
  • Baby hip bridges, sitting your baby on your hips (lying on your back, with knees bent, feet flat on the ground). Bridge up and down, with your baby resting on your hips.

Incidental exercise

For those keen to optimise their workout within the home, you can definitely make the most of your incidental exercise.

  • Baby wake up lunges – when you hear you baby wake, do 10 lunges playing peek-a-boo as you bob down and look through their cot (make sure you are lunging correctly, and not just bending over!!)
  • Reach with calf raise – place something you use daily up high just out of reach (your coffee cup!), each time you want a coffee reach by doing 10 calf raises
  • Kettle push ups – whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, do bench push ups for the time the kettle takes to boil!
  • Wash squats – spread your washing out over your laundry floor, pick up one piece of clothing at a time by doing squats (remember to activate your pelvic floor as your pick up the clothing, and rise out of your squat!)
  • TV dips – whilst watching TV on a chair, simply place your hands at the edge of the chair (fingers facing forwards) and do a series of 10 dips!

Apps for home exercise

Pocket Yoga: I’ve enjoyed doing some yoga at home with the ‘Pocket Yoga’ app, its a great way to do some exercise whilst your baby sleeps!

Pelvic floor first, a continence foundation initiative has just realised an app!Pelvic floor app

App features include:

  • Instructional videos and audio for all workouts
  • Detailed pictures and instructions for each exercise
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercise guide
  • Ability to save favourite exercises for personalised workouts
  • Links to useful websites to learn more about your pelvic floor

The free app is based on the Continence Foundation of Australia’s Pelvic Floor First website It is now available to download for smart phones and tablets through iTunes. The app will be available from Google Play in the coming days – please keep an eye on our social media pages for details.

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