Another yummy meal that can be made with almost any vegetable you have on hand. The following recipe features vegetables we regularly have in our house. Again this recipe freezes well, so I make it in large batches (as you can see by the quantity below) and freeze it into ice-cube trays. Abi also likes this casserole when I haven’t blended it!


1tbsp olive oil

300g chicken thighs, skin removed and chopped

1 leek, chopped

2 carrots, peeled and chopped

1 sweet potato, peeled and chopped

1 small piece of pumpkin, peeled and chopped

1 cob of corn, corn kernels removed

1 head of broccoli, florets chopped


1. Warm a large saucepan with oil, and add carrots and leek, sauté until softened.

2. Add the chicken, and sauté until sealed. Add the remaining ingredients and just cover with boiling water. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes, or until everything is tender.

3. Blend or pureed, until the desired consistency is reached.

Sally Muir – Dietitian

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