In the days following the arrival of your new baby your body is trying to adapt to its new situation. It no longer has a baby inside, many women are trying to breast feed for the first time and you are being woken all hours of the day by this beautiful little baby!

It is important to remember to do your pelvic floor exercises in the early days, as the early you start working on it – the quicker it will regain is strength.

Whilst you are pregnant the front part of your pelvic floor is supporting ~10-15kg of additional weight in the form of your baby and the fluid protruding from your abdomen! Following the birth of your baby (both a vaginal birth and a C-section) your pelvic floor (particularly the front part) is significantly weakened and traumatised. Therefore it is really important that as your recommence your pelvic floor exercises, your focus is on strengthening this area. Many women will do their pelvic floor exercises and feel a good lift and squeeze, however most of this can be coming from the back region of the pelvic floor (that supporting your anus and rectum).

It is important to be focus on both areas of your pelvic floor, but separately. To recruit the front muscles you can think about stopping the flow of urine, and lifting and squeezing these muscles up inside your vagina. To recruit the back muscles, you can imagine trying to stop yourself from passing wind (sorry!) and lift and squeeze into your back passage.

Once you have concurred this simply exercise, you can repeat these as often as your can remember! Aiming for a minimum of 3 times/day!! I often suggest to mums doing them when you are breastfeeding (once you have breastfeeding worked out! I know, too many things to think about initially!!)

Initially doing your pelvic floor exercises lying down can be the easiest and most straight forward. But it is really important that you do progress to doing this sitting (driving the car), standing (washing dishes, making a cup of tea etc), and then walking and lifting your baby.


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Sally Muir – Personal Trainer

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