Pregnancy Pelvic Floor app

The Continence Foundation and Pelvic Floor First have been conducting a project recently, which has led to the development of an app for mums-t0-be. This is a for more information on the app, see the below information from

Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan app imagesWith the increasing use of smartphones and apps to access health information, especially by pregnant women, a review of current apps available for women during pregnancy highlighted a gap in information about bladder and bowel health and pelvic floor muscle exercises.

The Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan smart phone app was developed in conjunction with The Pregnancy Centre and with input from women who are currently pregnant or have recently had a baby.

The free Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan app includes:

  • Tips on looking after your pelvic floor, bladder and bowel during pregnancy
  • Learn how to do pelvic floor exercises and receive reminders
  • Information about safe exercise during and after pregnancy
  • Health and wellbeing tips on looking after yourself
  • Find local services for pelvic floor problems

The information in the app is divided into key pregnancy milestones and users can enter their details to view information and receive reminders personalised for their due date.

The free app is available for iPhones from the App Store and from Google Play for Androids.


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