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Sessions can be held at a location of client’s choice in and around Melbourne




Wunderkind Mentoring is run by Francesca. Her mission is to inspire women across Melbourne to take control of their lives and set a clear direction for success. As a qualified and experienced counsellor I have distilled best practices in sustainable mentoring in order to empower my clients to realise their full potential.

Her clients are ready for a change of direction already having identified that their old work role does not suit them anymore. Some of herclients are mothers who, having dedicated a major portion of their time and energy to raising their children to school age, are seeking to redefine themselves. Other clients find Wunderkind Mentoring after taking a redundancy package or long service leave.

The one-on-one mentoring sessions are designed to find clarity on your values and beliefs, and equip you with tools to turn them into measurable and achievable goals. I help you explore whether your passions could be turned into a career or even an own business so you find a job that truly excites you!


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