We’ve recently had many requests for ideas on healthy snacks for toddlers. So here it is!

Many of these ideas will be foods/snacks that you always use, however it may be that there is one or two that you hadn’t thought of – which I hope helps!

I haven’t listed all the obvious options, such as an apple, banana, strawberries, blueberries etc. I have listed options that are perhaps less obvious!

I also have listed every healthy snack you can bake or cook at home. This list is by no means exhausted, and I’m always happy to add foods to the list…

Curly wurley apples

My girls love their apples, but a special treat will be a ‘curly wurley apple’ as they have named it. It peels and cores the apple, and is a fun alternative to a cut up apple!Apple corer

Sultanas that don’t spill!

A regular snack at our house is a handful of sultanas. Little ones love them, as they can eat one at a time!

I love this container, as it stops them spilling everywhere!

Trap a snack

Snack container

Sweet corn or Mini corn

My girls love to snack on sweet corn or mini corns (both canned). The fact I always have them in my pantry, makes them very convenient. Plus by keeping then corn in its juice (from the tin), it will keep up to 7 days.

For little ones I use the Trap a snack, pictured above!

Mini corn

Grated cheese

Another easy snack that is always in the fridge, I will often put this in the Trap a snack container!

Grated cheese

Baby boccincini

My girls love snack on bocincini, its such a easy snack. We’ve found the branks stocked in the green grocer to be much softer (and yummier) than those stocked in the supermarket.


Cheese sticks

A super convenient snack, I always encourage mums to ‘real’ cheese rather than the more processed ‘plastic cheese’ (if they can!!)

Cheese stcik

Dried fruit

Any array of dried fruit is a great snack for growing bodies. Whether its apricots, apples, cranberries, dates etc….

Dried fruit

Carrot, celery or snow peas and hommus

Choosing a container that you can hve your chopped up pieces, as well as your dip is a great way for kids to enjoy their vegies.

Carrot and dip

Cherry Tomatoes

We go through ~3-4 punnets of cherry tomatoes a week in our house. My girls snack on tomatoes like they are grapes! We are all particularly fond of the ‘Perino’ variety that Coles stock, not only are they sweet. But their skins aren’t too think (which for little ones can be a gagging problem).



Once littles ones are able to manage pop corn, it’s a great snack to be include. Just ensure its not smothered in sugar, salt, cheese flavouring or butter!!



I promised myself I wouldn’t be a mum that let my kids have the squeezy packs. But I find they are very handy as a snack, when I have my hands full and they girls are hungry.

Just make sure you choose a low sugar variety of variety, I tend to opt for the Valiaa option (the only downside is they are very big!)

Plus they now have a lactose free option, which is great for those little tummies that don’t tolerate lactose



A great home snack, is a smooth with any variety of fruit, yoghurt and milk. Whatever your little one fancies!



My girls LOVE these. We enjoy them as a family (obviously minus the salt for the girls).

The girls often also enjoy these as part of their dinner, as one of their vegies (instead of peas)



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