If I had a perfect answer to this, I would wave my magic wand and make it happen for everyone. But we all know that once you become a mum your priorities change, and you tend to put others needs first.

So what can we do to ensure that we look after ourselves, give ourselves me-time, time to look after ourselves, and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Below are some tip to try and help you along…

  • Plan, plan, plan. For those that know me, they will know that I am a planner! I am currently using a weekly planner (from Kikki K, but Typo have some great ones too..) This way I plan all our scheduled appointments, kinder, etc. Plus I put on weekly plannerhousehold duties such as washing, vacuuming etc. The big one to add to the list is MY EXERCISE! If its on my list for the day, then I have to complete it! It means I can’t do a million other things that day, as I have allocated time to do some exercise. Plus I love crossing everything off as I complete it, means I feel like I achieved something (even if it was just washing, vacuuming, changing sheets etc!!)
  • Talk to someone about it. Have a conversation with someone close, who will keep you accountable. This might be your partner, your Shape Up Mums trainer or a girlfriend. It needs to be someone that can push you (without getting you back up!). You trainer is a great choice, as they can check in with you each week to see how you went with your 3 walks, and a swim for the week (you will feel you need to make time to do it!)
  • Research. If your plan is to swim twice a week, find a pool that has a great crèche/occasional care centre (that you feel comfortable with), so that you can leave your little ones safely and enjoy your swim. If you want to walk a specific track, have a look on google maps to make sure you aren’t going to have to carry the pram down steps!
  • Set yourself up to succeed! Initially set your goals to be very realistic for the week, it might be: 2 SUM sessions, 2 walks and a run. This way the only session you don’t want to take your baby is your run, so that is one 30-45min block of time you need a babysitter.
  • Reward yourself. Set yourself a goal for the month, and if you succeed reward yourself with something you have been wanting. This could be a new sports cap, a snazzy drink bottle, or a lunch date with your partner!
  • Book in ahead of time. If you are planning on attending a SUM session, book it in at the start of the week. Mentally it is much harder to cancel out of a class (because your can’t be bothered!!!), then booking in at the last minute because your need to get that exercise in!!!!
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