so you’ve just found out your pregnant, you must stop exercising immediately right? WRONG!

We at Shape Up Mums encourage pregnant women to participate in our exercise classes, wether you were fit before or not.
One thing we do recommend is that your main goal is to maintain a good fitness level and healthy lifestyle and not make reaching your PEAK fitness your goal.

“So why should I continue exercising?” You ask.
Well benefits of exercising during pregnancy include:
– improve physical and mental well being
– maintain a healthy weight
– helps you to rerun to your pre-baby weight quicker
– reduces the risk of gestational diabetes

At Shape Up Mums we understand as pregnancy progresses the body goes through huge changes and our lovely trainers will modify programmes accordingly…and don’t forget our exercises are Pelvic Floor safe!

So keep you and your bump, active, happy and healthy and come along to Shape Up Mums today!

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