food diaryWhen you come to the self-realisation that you’re eating isn’t what you’d like it to be, most people don’t know where to start. Which is often why many individuals do nothing.

One of the first things I ask a client to do is to keep a food diary. Sounds scary, but it isn’t! All you have to do is write down everything that you put in your mouth for 3 days. The trick to doing this properly is being completely honest with yourself. If you eat a piece of chocolate, write it down. Even a sip of wine…

Without complete honestly, you will probably have a great food record at the end of the 3 days – showing what you think you should be eating. But without the accuracy and honesty of what you actually consumed.

Many individuals can look at 3 days of eating and recognise the ‘extra’ foods and drinks that are adding excess calories/energy without adding great nutritional benefit. These are the foods that need to cut out!!

Sometimes these small changes are enough to make a big difference to your overall eating. Depending on the nutritional goals you are trying to reach, whether it is weight loss, improved energy levels, increased variety you will have a much better chance of making good choices by revising what you are actually eating.

If you still have some questions about what you are eating, it might be worth contacting sally to book in a session to see her as a dietitan.


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