I Can Do it We’ve all been there, where we start an exercise routine and    are so excited, motivated and determined. ‘Yeah I can do this!’ then…BOOM… the tired, negative, cant be bothered attitude creeps in. Does this sound familiar?

Especially when we have been up half the night with our little ones. Keeping the motivation to exercise can be so challenging. Here are some tips to hopefully put the fire back in your belly and keep you feeling energised!



  • Keep Track of your Progress:

Each week you may only be seeing small results so it’s so important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and how far you have come. One way to keep track is to keep a diary of the changes you are noticing not only in your body but also in how you are feeling generally, if you are feeling healthier and happier that is an amazing result right there!

  • Don’t Rely On The Scales:

Sure the scales are a great way to measure your weight loss, but remember as you begin doing resistance/weight-bearing exercise you will gain lean muscle, which is denser than fat, and therefore will weigh more on the scales. So if you are obsessed with checking the scales, if the number rises this is likely to de-motivate you.

I always tell my clients (and myself!) to go by how your clothes are fitting, it’s a much more accurate reflection of your body change and hard work.

  • Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself!:

Its ok… we all fall off the bandwagon and reach for the biscuit barrel (or packet of Jelly Snakes in my case!) sometimes, or feel so tired we miss a workout. Its just important to not dwell on it and just start a fresh the next day.

  • Recruit A Friend:

Sometimes having someone there to talk to can be a great way to stay motivated. Ask a friend to be your workout partner; you won’t want to skip a workout if you know someone is going to meet you.

  • Set A Goal:

Working out to get back to your pre-baby shape is great, but maybe you want to set another goal such as, taking part in a 5km race or a charity sports event. Having a set goal will give your workout more meaning.

  • Focus On How Good Exercise Makes You Feel:

You know that satisfied feeling you get at the end of a class?

Remember It! Use that feeling to motivate you the next time you’re thinking “Oh maybe I’ll just give today’s class a miss”.

  • Book Into a Class:

We can make promises to ourselves all day long (after all nobody else can hear them) but research shows we are more likely to follow through with our exercise intentions if we book into a class or have a set schedule to follow.

  • and finally… REWARD YOURSELF!:

When you hit a goal, whatever it may be wether its to attend 2 classes a week, run 5km or lose a few inches, Congratulate yourself – YOU did it! Buy a new book or magazine, get your hair done or just treat yourself to a smoothie. Just give yourself some praise you are on the way to a happier, healthier you.

Keep Exercising!

Ali x



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