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We all know working out is good for us in many ways, and most mums will agree that exercising after delivery can be challenging; Your body has been tested to its limits, your getting little to no sleep and you have a new life to care for 24hrs a day!! But after our bodies have been through such stress and weight fluctuation, taking part in exercise and being part of the Shape Up Mums community can do more for you then you may realise below I have listed just a few post natal benefits….


1) Maintenance of Strength and Fitness Levels: 

Good fitness levels will help both the muscular and cardiovascular systems recover after pregnancy and the demands of labour. It will also help to counter the physical and mental demands and fatigue whilst caring for your baby.

2) Maintenance of Core Stability, Balance and Postural Control:

After your baby is born there is a dramatic change in your physical shape and posture. It can take 6 months for joint stability to be re-established. Correction of posture and building strength in the core will help to prevent lower back and pelvic pain.

3) Fast recovery after giving birth:

Early commencement of Pelvic Floor exercises along with walking, will trigger muscle recovery and start to help you feel like things are finally functioning correctly again!

4) Social Interaction: 

Shape up Mums classes will provide social interaction with other mums facing the same issues. It will help reduce the feelings of isolation and improve your self-esteem.

5) Help Fight Fatigue:

‘Pumping’ that oxygen to the muscles, improves the ability of the muscle to produce more energy, it also helps your body produce endorphins. (those little happy hormones!)

6) Blood Pressure: 

Cardiovascular exercise, even at low levels increases the heart muscle strength, if your heart is stronger it means it doesnt have to work so hard circulating the blood around the body, therefore lowering your blood pressure!

7) Mental Health/Post-Natal depression:

Taking part in physical activity is likely to have a huge positive effect on your emotional wellbeing,

8) Improve your sleep: 

Research shows that Cardiovascular exercise at least 6 hours before going to bed will help you sleep better!

Mums, I know that there is so much on your plates right now, Laundry, Screaming baby, sore boobs, feeling unconfident as a mum and I know that some days you will feel like you are truly in survival mode and that doing a workout is probably the last thing on your (LONG) To-Do list. But I want you to feel great about yourselves and get the full benefits of exercise … You can do it!

Set your exercise schedule for next week and don’t let any excuses get in your way! You’ve got this, it is your time!!

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