From the cereal you have for breakfast, the dressing on your salad and the ‘healthy’ low fat foods you turn to to be good.. May contain an addictive substance.. SUGAR!

Whether you are on a detox or you just want to cut back on your sugar intake to improve your overall health and nutririon, focusing on the benefits is the best way to keep you committed to your plan. Here are some of the ways cutting down on sugar can help you.


 Weight Loss

Cutting back on the sugar may help you slim down. Food and drinks that are high in sugar are usually high in calories and with very little to NO nutritional benefits.  Sugary foods also make you more hungrier quickly, due to the changes in blood glucose, instead of reaching for the chocolate bar or so called ‘healthy’ musli bar when youre hungry, focus on eating fibre, protein and low complex carbs to nourish your body and keep you feeling energised and full for longer.

Nice Strong, Healthy Teeth

Cutting back on sugar will help keep your pearly whites, bright, healthy and shiny. The bacteria in the mouth uses the sugar from the foods and drinks, and over time plaque will form which can eat away at the enamel, which can lead to cavaties and gum disease.

Clearer Skin

The increase and decrease of your blood sugar levels which occur when consuming sugar can create internal stress within the body, which can lead to breakouts on the skin. Sugar can dehydrate the skin, making the appearance of the skin look dull and puffy. So drink plenty of water and you will look fresh in no time!

Healthy Heart

High Levels of sugar intake can increase the risk of developing heart disease, as the sugar that doesnt get used by your body as energy will convert into a type of fatty acid that circulates in your bloodstream.

There are so many reasons to reduce your sugar intake, overall you will feel so much better both mentally and physically, you will no longer feel sluggish, and will wake up in the morning with more energy to face the day, Give it a try and wave bye bye to sugar and refuel your body with the nutrients it actually needs.


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