So we’ve all wondered at some point..’What will help me lose weight, Cardio or Resistance training?’

Although Cardio will burn more calories than resistance training in a shorter amount of time, (Cardio uses more energy).. DON’T ditch the weights… Resistance training has extra benefits for your body that doing cardio alone will not achieve.


to lose weight we generally need to burn more calories than we eat! Cardio is one form of exercise which helps us burn the calories, Cardio exercise can be walking, jogging, sprinting, Skipping etc. There are also differents ways of doing cardio training for example – High Intensity, short bursts of cardio where the body has less oxygen so uses other energy sources such as carbohydrates or steady paced, low intensity. Overall cardio will increase your fitness level and build stamina.. BIG TICK FOR CARDIO


Now scrap the thought that ‘Women will get bulky if they do weight training’ this will NOT happen. (I Promise)

Resistance training helps your body burn calories even in a relaxed state. Thats right sit and cuddle your bub and your body will be burning calories…GREAT RIGHT!?! Like Cardio there is many ways in which resistance training can be introduced into your workouts and different equipement can be used; resistance bands, Dumbells, Medicine Balls or no equipment at all just your own body weight.

Although Cardio alone will give you the weight loss on the scales, you will also have lost muscle mass, but by combining Cardio and Resistance you will be able to shape, tone and strengthen the muscles, giving you optimal results.

At our Shape Up Mums classes we combine Cardio and Resistance in varying formats so you wont get bored of your exercise routine and will help maximise your results! So we say THUMBS UP TO BOTH!!!

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