hello mamas

Hello Mamas is a localised social application where mums can connect and meet up with like-minded
women. We match mothers on common interests and take the anxiety out of making mum friends. We aim
to enable mums to build their own local support network.

How might these services be help our Mums?
Hello Mamas aims to empower mothers to stay social and build a strong support network. We enable
mothers to use our platform to plan playdates and organise socials – whether that’s through exercise groups,
hobbies, coffee catch ups.

Do you have any advice/comments for our Mums?
Staying social throughout motherhood is so important to help build a strong network of friends who can help
you get through the rough times and understand you. Getting out and staying fit and having adult contact
helps promote positivity and healthy living. We want to empower mums to stay social and have fun doing it.

Is there any other valuable information for our Mums to know about your business?
Whether you are going through family challenges, facing isolation or loneliness, or just needing more
mummy friends, we can help you. Hello Mamas is a social networking site that takes the stress out of meeting other mums and finding playdates via proprietary geolocation and personality matching technology.

Visit www.hellomamas.com to learn more, and follow us for updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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