scared of fat

Do you have a FAT Phobia?

From a very young age I remember my mum constantly buying Fat-Free Yoghurts and Low fat versions of everything and even to this day when she came to visit last month she went for the Fat-Free yoghurt in Woolies… “NO Mum”, I said “this is where you may be going wrong with your diet, You need fat in your diet and it can actually make you slimmer – Low fat and No-Fat foods are usually pumped full of processed ingredients. Salt and Sugar ”

Of course I am talking about ‘Good Fats’ such as the type of fat found in Nuts, Seeds, Oils, Meat. Fish, Seafood and avocados. This kind of Fat slows the rate at which sugar hits your bloodstream, keeping your blood sugar levels steady, keeping you feeling fuller for longer, stopping any hunger and cravings and leaving you energised.

Another bonus is that studies have shown that Essential Fatty Acids – found in oily fish actually help the body burn fat around your tummy!

Good fat also;

  • Helps your body absorb vitamins and mineral better
  • Is amazing for the Joints, cushioning them from wear and tear, especially for our mums that are exercising it really helps prevent injuries.
  • Boosts Concentration and energy levels
  • improves hair, skin and nails

Try and include ‘GOOD FAT’ into every meal you have; if you have some grapes, eat a few almonds at the same time, if you have a salad add some avocado or a dash of olive oil. Start introducing these fats and you will begin to feel great.

So don’t be scared by the FAT it is actually an angel with a bad name!


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