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What services/product do you provide?
We are an online retail business selling Dear Kate’s beautiful & comfortable wicking, leak-resistant and stain-releasing underwear & yoga shorts/pants – there are a choice of 2 linings – Mini (which holds up to 1 teaspoon of fluid) or Full (which holds up to 3 teaspoons of fluid except in the Thong, which holds the same as the Mini lining)

How might these services help our Mums?
Our products are an eco-friendly alternative to liners, be it for light leaks, spotting, discharge or back up in addition to usual tampon/pad routine, our underwear provides extra protection everyday or just when needed e,g, when exercising
Our Yoga (Exercise) pants/shorts that are specifically designed to be worn without underwear

Do you have any special offers or promotions you would like to let our mums know about? 
If anybody signs up to the Unde Newsletter (via the website) they will receive 20% off their first purchase

Do you have any advice/comments for our Mums?
We received this lovely feedback from a customer earlier this year: “Great service and a wonderful product – the undies have changed my life, thank you so much for making them available :)” Victoria, Australia

Any other valuable information for our Mums to know about your business?
Suzie (mum of 3) and owner of Unde, discovered Dear Kate whilst looking into developing a similar product in Australia, having decided that women deserved to wear beautiful underwear everyday that provided them with greater protection than regular underwear. Rather than reinvent what Dear Kate do so well, Suzie opted to import Dear Kate underwear and apparel from New York, making them readily available to the Australian market.

We understand selecting the right style and size online can be difficult and are happy to provide an exchange or refund if certain conditions are met – see our Refund policy for full details. For hygiene reasons, we ask that all Dear Kate underwear and yoga shorts/pants be tried on over your own underwear first to check if it is the correct fit.


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