I started coming to Shape Up Mums, as I’d suffered post natal depression after the birth of my twins (5 years previously) and I was determined to prioritise exercise post-Jessie’s arrival.  I’d learnt from experience that when I exercise regularly, I’m a LOT happier and consequently a much better mum.  The other thing I’d learnt from bitter experience was that returning to running at 8 weeks post-birth of twins may not have been the bright idea it seemed at the time.  In my defense, I was a bit desperate to get some head space, but returning to running early, as I had done with my twins, just meant I ended up with a  major hip injury. Whoops!! Also embarrassing.  I am a physio, I should have known better.

Anyway, I was determined after Jessie’s birth to exercise regularly and protect mental health and my pelvis!  Shape Up Mums couldn’t have been more ideal, 5 minutes walk from home (or school drop off), outdoors (I really don’t love a gym) and Jessie could come along and splash in the puddles (Mudlarks suits are the best), snooze in her pram or whinge along as I tried to carry on regardless.  Some days she loved it, other days she didn’t, but honestly either way I felt much better having completed a session.

Like everyone, my life is busy, and now it works best for the family (aka me) if I exercise early, getting home by 7am to get everyone off to school/kindy/work.  I don’t always feel like getting up at 5.40am, but generally speaking I have a “no excuses” rule….i.e. I don’t let myself have the mental argy bargy about whether I want to go, just get up and get there and like in the early baby days, I always feel better for the effort.

Over the years, Shape Up Mums has become an avenue for strengthening and cardio, but just as importantly an incidental debrief and catch up with women who have become great friends. I still really enjoy my 1-2 sessions a week and my attendance varies a bit on whether I’m working towards another fitness goal – last year 60km CoastTrek and maybe, maybe next year run a half marathon?? But don’t hold me to that Vicky!!