As a mum, not sure how to stay active in winter? Well we won’t lie, there really is something about the Melbourne change of weather that has us wanting to slow down, cosy up with the kids and think about hibernation!

But in the same way the kids still want to go to the park (rain, hail or shine!), us Mums also need to keep moving, in little ways (hello pelvic floor) or bigger ways (hello supermum strength!). Here’s my surefire 5 steps to being an active Mum through the chill…and keeping yourself strong to get your family through to the warm days on the other side, healthy and happy!

Book it in

So us Mum’s are sometimes planners and sometimes we just fly by the seat of our pants! But if you really want to stay active I suggest that you book into a class ahead of time.  If you don’t book into a class you probably won’t go if it looks too cold, wet, frosty, dark or the rain is simply coming at the wrong all the other deterrents that can be very handy excuses!

But if you have it booked in, then you are more likely to attend. And that will have you feeling great afterwards that you hung in there (pat on the back proud!). Book your Shape Up Mum classes here.

Friends with Benefits

It’s so easy to bail on your own plans to be active in winter. However finding a friend to exercise with is great for the social aspect, but also helps you stay accountable. You can remind each other of why you need to keep healthy and active and get that little pep talk to make it happen. Happy mums, happy kids!

Layer up for warmth

This may seem obvious but leaving your cosy house can be a shock in the Melbourne chill, with the thought of sweating through a workout being an unnatural combination! So layer up! And we don’t mean with all of the baby equipment that has your car bursting at the seams.

Layer fitness clothing that you can peel off as your body temp rises, blood starts circulating and endorphins release to remind you that you made it to class and you’re awesome! We promise, that although it may be cold when you start, you will soon get warm and end up in your standard workout gear.

Baby it’s cold outside

If you are bringing a baby or toddler to a Shape Up Mums class, make sure they are wrapped up snugly or in appropriate wet weather gear (pram included). Whilst you’re working up a sweat, you want to know that they’re warm and comfortable too. For toddlers who want to stay active whilst you workout, we recommend Mudlarks puddle suits.

Fuel and fitness for active mums in winter

The weather can trick us a little in terms of what our bodies need. It’s just as important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water when exercising in winter as it is in summer, even though you may not feel as thirsty. Room temperature water can be a better choice rather than chilled to be easier to consume.

You could also carry a thermos of herbal tea to have before you exercise to warm you up and give you the little kickstart you need. Think about snacks for both you and the kids for before, during (for the kids!) and after exercise, with nourishing bites rather than chilled foods. Some fav healthy cookies or muffins, little bliss balls or oat slice are great to have on hand.


Do you have your own tips or strategies for staying active over winter? The Shape Up Mums team will be here all through winter to support you in staying active, looking after your body and helping you be the positive role models to your kids – showing that being active is important all year round!

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