I joined Shape Up Mums in October 2015, following the birth of my first child. I was four months postpartum and searching for a group exercise program so I could return gradually to regular fitness.  I came across the Shape Up Mums website and was pleased to see they operated close to where I lived […]

I started coming to Shape Up Mums, as I’d suffered post natal depression after the birth of my twins (5 years previously) and I was determined to prioritise exercise post-Jessie’s arrival.  I’d learnt from experience that when I exercise regularly, I’m a LOT happier and consequently a much better mum.  The other thing I’d learnt […]

  I discovered Shape Up Mums in late December 2016. I had just had my third baby and moved to Melbourne from Brisbane. I was looking to get fit, lose those last stubborn baby-kilos, meet other Melbourne mums and get my kids out of the house so we didn’t all go mad. I have been […]

Hi i’m Sarah and I’m excited to be able to share my Shape Up Mums story with you. I’ve been attending Ali’s sessions in Northcote twice a week since my son Charlie was 8 weeks old. I have always been reasonably fit and loved running but following Pregnancy and the first crazy few weeks of […]

Hi my name is Annabel and I’m proud to say that I’m fitter than I have ever been thanks to Shape Up Mums. I have two beautiful daughters, Lilla (4 years) and Eva (7 months) and joined Shape Up Mums when Eva was around 9 weeks old. Having been moderately fit prior to becoming pregnant […]

Hi I’m Rachel, Mummy to William 3.5years and Sophie 11 months and I’ve been with SUM since February this year. After five years of fertility struggles and two long hard pregnancies I made a promise to myself after the birth of my daughter last September to get my life and body back, since then I […]

Hi my name is GM. What a privilege it is to be able to write to you about my journey with Shape Up Mums.  I have three children, a girl and 2 boys which keep me very busy and I also work part time as a primary teacher. I always talk to the children that […]

My name is Alex, my son Lachie is now 9 months old and we love ShapeUp Mums! I have always been a very active person and was feeling like a big couch potato after giving birth.  After I got through the initial weeks of settling into life as a new mum I decided to give ShapeUp Mums a […]

Janee Rutheford Hi, my name is Janee and I’ve been attending Shape Up Mums in Hawthorn since my daughter was 6 weeks’ old. Initially, I thought it would be a good way to get outdoors with my new bub, ease my way back into an exercise regime, and meet other mums in the area. Although […]