Class Information

Each ShapeUp Mums exercise session is conducted by a qualified personal trainer (PT) with qualifications in pelvic floor exercise prescription. Our sessions are 60 minutes in duration and combine a variety of cardio, resistance/strength exercises, flexibility, core stability and pelvic floor exercises. Our classes are conducted in local parks, where mothers can oversee their children and tend to them as required.

Our classes are designed to cater for everyone; we provide options for those with all levels of fitness and exercise goals. Throughout the session the PT will provide options to individuals depending on their level of fitness and pelvic floor control. We have a unique program developed by the ShapeUp Mums team in consultation with specialised pelvic floor physiotherapists that allows individuals to choose the appropriate level for them.

Start Time

We request that new clients (who have registered online) come 10 minutes early to meet the trainer. This enables the PT to gain a detailed understanding of your current and previous fitness levels, to ensure that the session is safe and appropriate for each client. Please check the timetable for your classes start time.

What to bring:

  • Yourself
  • Your child/children. We welcome all infants and children to ShapeUp Mums classes. (Parents must understand that children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times throughout the class. The PT will endeavour to assist when possible, however they are not responsible for any children.)
  • A picnic rug/yoga mat – for you to exercise on and your children to sit and play on.
  • A drink bottle
  • Food and drink for your children (as required)
  • A pusher (if your child is likely to require a rest or sleep)
  • Hat and sunscreen – for you and your children