Shape Up Mums – Heat Policy

Exercise outdoors has many benefits; however one limitation is the weather. As such this policy guides Shape Up Mums modification and cancellation of sessions due to the heat.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to cancel a sessions, it is imperative that participants take precautions in warm/hot weather for their own comfort and health. Some important steps to exercising safely in the heat include:

  • Appropriate clothing – choose fabrics that minimise heat storage and enhance sweat evaporation, lightweight and light colour clothing, loose fitting clothing, hat, sunscreen and protective eyewear. In addition, ensure babies and young children are dressed appropriate for the warmer weather.
  • Adequate hydration – ensure you commence a session fully hydrated (drink at least 2 cups of water prior to the session), during exercise drink 2-3 cups of water throughout a session, after a session ensure you keep drinking water to rehydrate.
  • Acclimatisation – often the weather increases in temperature as the days grow longer, if you exercise throughout this period your body will gradually become acclimatised to exercising in warmer weather. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, and you intend to exercise on a hot day – take extra precaution with rest and drinks to ensure heat stress is avoided.
  • Seeking shade from direct sun – particularly important for babies and young children.

Shape Up Mums heat action plan

The following action will be taken for the following temperatures (as predicted by the Bureau of Meterology. Developed in accordance with the Sports Medicine Australia Guidelines).

Ambient Temp Shape Up Mums – action
21-25 Increased vigilance.

Caution with over-motivation

26-30 Reduce intensity and duration of training.

Take more breaks

31-35 Limit intensity (suggest incorporating core exercises in the shade).

Take more breaks.

36 or above Cancel session