Nutrition Tips

Do you have a FAT Phobia? From a very young age I remember my mum constantly buying Fat-Free Yoghurts and Low fat versions of everything and even to this day when she came to visit last month she went for the Fat-Free yoghurt in Woolies… “NO Mum”, I said “this is where you may be […]

From the cereal you have for breakfast, the dressing on your salad and the ‘healthy’ low fat foods you turn to to be good.. May contain an addictive substance.. SUGAR! Whether you are on a detox or you just want to cut back on your sugar intake to improve your overall health and nutririon, focusing on the […]

When I’m pregnant I often find myself trying to remember the recommendations surround seafood intake during pregnancy. There are obvious recommendations regarding avoiding raw seafood, however I struggle to remember the types of fish I should consume regularly vs having occasionally! Raw and cold smoked seafood This foods can potential contain listeria, parasites or bacteria, […]

When you come to the self-realisation that you’re eating isn’t what you’d like it to be, most people don’t know where to start. Which is often why many individuals do nothing. One of the first things I ask a client to do is to keep a food diary. Sounds scary, but it isn’t! All you […]

When an individual decides they would like to shift some weight, many will ponder the questions – should I use a protein shake to do this? My answer ….No! To explain, my philosophy on health is ‘Energy in = energy out’ with a focus on good nutrition, and regular exercise. So the theory of remove […]

We’ve recently had many requests for ideas on healthy snacks for toddlers. So here it is! Many of these ideas will be foods/snacks that you always use, however it may be that there is one or two that you hadn’t thought of – which I hope helps! I haven’t listed all the obvious options, such […]

I realise that this is a strange title, however it really is my philosophy on eating. If you have to go on a super strict diet to lose weight, than the chances are it won’t stay off. The human body is designed to stabilise at a weight. So what does this mean? It means if […]

As a trainer and PT I am asked this all the time! And I want to start by saying there is no rule for everyone, as we are all different, gained different amounts during pregnancy and have very different tendencies to hold on to weight or lose weight in the months/years that follow the birth […]

Once you have decided it’s time to start to introduce some solids to your little ones diet. Mums start to do some reading on what the best approach to this is. Many mother’s groups come up against the conversation topic of ‘Purees vs Baby-led weaning.’ With everyone trying it for the first time, no one […]

As your baby approaches four months of age you will start to be asked ‘Have you started solids yet?’  Most mums are just finding their fit with some sort of routine with feeds and sleeps at this stage, and then you have to think about introducing meal times as well! When do I introduce solids? […]