Nutrition Tips

I recently explained this concept to a mum I was chatting to, with two little ones. I think this is a great and basic way to ensure that your child (and you!) consume adequate vitamins and nutrients from a variety of foods. This can become a game for older children – ask your toddler ‘to […]

One of my goals as a mum is to set the best example to my little ones. This has become more important to me having two beautiful little girls, I have witnessed firsthand (seeing girlfriends encounter eating disorders) the affect that positive body image can have on young girls and woman and their perspective on […]

Mums often ask me what my most basic tips to maintaining a healthy weight is, and often I come back with ‘Energy in = Energy out’ as this is what we follow in my household! However as a dietitian, I realise that I have the knowledge to understand which foods to choose. I also have […]

Once you become a mum, you find yourself reading food labels on all sorts of foods – much more than you ever have previously. So I thought I’d put some hints together for what to look for, and what some of the lingo actually means!! Food labels explain a lot about the content of the […]

I wish I had an easy recipe for how to get flat abs! If it was as easy as a following a simple diet, I would definitely tell you! There are some basics for how to be at your best for the warmer months when you want to wear less clothing (eg. Bathers!) As a […]

I hear this question regularly, and don’t worry I also think it too!! As I am currently in the same boat as many of our Shape Up Mums. Milly is now 4 months, and I would love to have my pre-baby body back – but I am still breastfeeding! So where do you start!! First […]

As we approach the warmer months, (and my upcoming QLD holiday!) I am reminded that soon I will be taking the endless layers off to get in my bathers! As I’m still breastfeeding regularly, I need to ensure that I am eating really well so that poor Milly doesn’t suffer! Towards the end of June […]

It is commonly known that whilst pregnant you must take a Folate and Iodine supplement, to ensure your body has adequate levels for you and your unborn baby. Many doctors will also suggest taking a pregnancy multivitamin to assist with covering all vitamins and minerals. This is one thing that made me feel better (mentally) […]

As many of you may be aware, the new Australia Dietary Guidelines were released in mid-February 2013. In all Australians, nutrition contributes significantly to healthy weight, quality of life and wellbeing, resistance to infection, and protection against chronic disease and premature death. As the quality and quantity of foods and drinks consumed has a significant […]

We have all thought about what we would like to achieve in 2013, and some of us will have made the decision to make a ‘New Year’s resolution’ for the year. So how do you keep on track to achieve these goals, and what can you do along the way to ensure that you are […]