Nutrition Tips

So you’ve worked hard over the past months to improve your health and fitness, to feel good for summer. And then summer is upon us, which means the festive season. It is a difficult time of year to find time for both exercise and eating well. It is just so easy to indulge at all […]

When someone tells you a food is high in fat, individuals trying to following a healthy diet commonly think – ‘I shouldn’t eat any of that!’ However not all fats are created equal! So I thought I would explain the difference between ‘Good fats’ and ‘Bad fats’ and how much of each type is ok, […]

When you find out that you are pregnant your emotions are back flipping off walls! This is due to a combination of excitement, fear of the unknown and most of all – the increased hormones racing around your body. Once you come back down to earth (if you do, during your pregnancy) – you will […]

Dairy, in particular milk is a confusing topic for Mums. Our babies initially survive purely on breast milk or formula; we then slowly introduce solid foods whilst they still receive a large proportion of their nutrition from their milk/formula intake. Once they reach 12 month, most children are eating adequate amounts of a varied diet, […]

With the increased occurrence of allergic disease, I thought it might be useful to review the current advice regarding allergies and introducing solids to babies and children. Over the recent years, the occurrence of allergic disease has increased at the same time as many societal and lifestyle changes. It is apparent that these environmental changes […]

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this question, I’d be very rich!! The last 2-5kg is always the hardest to shift. The best way I can explain this is that if you weigh ~150kg, exercises such as walking are going to burn a lot of energy (due to the sheer […]

Mums often ask me, for ideas of foods that they can snack on whilst they are breastfeeding. Many of the ideas listed below I have chosen so that you can eat while you a breastfeeding. This is one time that you will be sitting still (hopefully!) and a great opportunity to grab a nutritious snack!! […]

Mums often ask me, what types of foods they should be eating whilst they are breastfeeding. There are some general guidelines that all Mums that are breastfeeding can follow, these have been summarised into 10 helpful tips!! Eat a varied and balanced diet. Think back to the ‘healthy food pyramid’ at school! Lots of wholegrain […]

With a large number of milks on the market it is easy to become confused as to which is best for your family. So I thought I’d explain a few important facts about milk! Why do we need to drink it? Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium. With the high […]

When I suggest athletes follow a particular diet before and after training, this is usually due to the extremely large volume and the intensity of exercise that they will be doing. A specialised diet will help their body prepare and recovery from each training session, ultimately ensuring that they can compete at their best potential. […]