After many years of experiencing pelvic pain, discomfort during sex, the inability to wear a tampon and the overly painful experience of pap smears I thought it was about time that I should see a Physiotherapist who specialised in the Pelvic Floor. After all I was advising Mums about pelvic floor health and the importance […]

The core is the muscles which surround the trunk of your body! These include muscles of the abdomen (Inner and Outer) Back, Pelvic Floor and even our breathing muscles (the diaphragm). Ideally these muscles should work as a team, but quite often during pregnancy and childbirth the integrity of these muscle can be affected. Due […]

so you’ve just found out your pregnant, you must stop exercising immediately right? WRONG! We at Shape Up Mums encourage pregnant women to participate in our exercise classes, wether you were fit before or not. One thing we do recommend is that your main goal is to maintain a good fitness level and healthy lifestyle […]