About a month ago, I visited our physio friends at Fitwise so that I could do some pilates sessions during the final 12 weeks of my pregnancy. As I discussed with my physio (lovely Claire) any concerns etc, I explained I’d experienced some mild lower back pain – particularly on days that I had carried […]

In the perfect world, we would all remember to do our pelvic floor exercises 3 times a day, every day of the year! Speaking from experience (and talking with lots of Mums) this isn’t the case, as good as our intentions are during pregnancy and following the birth of a child it’s very easy to […]

Following the arrival of a baby a female must be careful how she recommences exercising. It is recommended that prior to the 6-week check-up only very light exercise is done, such as light walking and incidental movement around the house. Once you have seen your GP or obstetrician for your 6-week appointment and they have […]