Apricot squares

Ingredients 250 grams dried apricots 1 cup desiccated coconut 3 tbls coconut oil 1 cup almond meal Method Place the dried apricots in a jug and cover with water.  Let them soak for an hour and then drain. Place all the ingredients into a food processor and pulse until the mixture is of a breadcrumb […]

Cacao & Orange Protein Balls

At our recent Shape Up Mums trainers team meeting, Vicky kindly brought these along. They were enjoyed by all, including the 5 kids that were there!!! This recipe makes 10 pieces. Ingredients 100 grams Cashews 100 grams raisins 100 grams dates 1 heaped tablespoon raw cacao/cocoa powder 0.5 orange peel, Peeled into strips Method Place […]

Healthy beef stroganoff

Stroganoff is traditionally a recipe that is a higher fat dish, however this great version using evaporate milk instead of sour cream to create the creaminess in the dish. A great way to make a great warming winter dish healthy. Ingredients 600g rump steak, fat trimmed, thinly sliced 2 tbsp plain flour 2 tbsp olive oil […]

Pumpkin, sweet potato and corn frittata

This is one of my favourite recipes, as it has my favourite vegies! Anything with pumpkin and corn is a hit with me! This is a healthy and easy weeknight meal for the whole family. Plus, instead of cooking this in a frypan you can easily put the mixture into greased muffin tins to make […]

Potatoe, leek and bacon soup

Another soup! This version of potato, leek and bacon soup doesn’t use cream. However it still  has the creaminess, but not the fat you expect from this style soup! Ingredients 8 medium potatoes, peeled and diced 2 large leeks, chopped 4 cups of vegetable or chicken stock 2 garlic cloves crushed 4 rashes of bacon […]

Easy Chicken and Vegetable soup

Now that we are experiencing some cooler weather, it feels like soup weather!! We’ve been enjoying a range of different soups at homes, so I thought I would share some. This soup freezes really well. I often find it thickens if left, which makes a great consistency for little ones. We simply add additional water […]

Stir Fry

Another regular in our house recently has been my stir fry. This pregnancy I’ve had low iron, so I’ve been doing everything possible to get my red meat in (given that I’m off steak!). You could use any protein source for this stir fry (lamb, chicken, tofu). I think another reason it features so frequently […]

Bircher Muesli

We have started enjoying bircher muesli for breakfast. Its so simple (as long as I remember to make it the night before!). I love it as I set Abi up, and she feeds herself her breakie with minimal mess! A great recipe to share with the little ones, just choose the dried fruit etc. that […]

Tuna and sweet corn pasta bake

This is currently Abi’s favourite meal (unfortunately I hate Tuna, so it’s a meal that George and Abi can enjoy together!!!) I wanted a meal that I could make from food I always had in my pantry, and was super quick and easy. When searching the net for a recipe, I fell upon this one. […]

Chicken Cacciatore

Ingredients 8 chicken thighs (skin-off), each one cut into 3 Plain flour, salt and pepper, for dusting 2 tbsp olive oil 2 garlic cloves (crushed) 1 tsp dried oregano 1 cup chicken stock ¾ cup white wine 2 x 400g crushed tomatoes ½ cup kalamata olives Method Dust chicken in flour and salt and pepper, […]

Smoked Salmon Pikelets

A friend of George’s designed this recipe for the AIS cookbook that was published a few years ago. This is a great healthy meal, but has lots and lots of flavour. I have made mini versions of this for finger food and many parties, and they always work well. Ingredients 1 cup of SR flour […]

Healthy chicken parmigiana – for the whole family

This recipe is quick and easy, and it has become a regular at our house as Abi loves it just as much as we do!!! Ingredients 500g of chicken tenderloins Multigrain breadcrumbs Olive oil spray Napoli sauce (homemade – see recipe below) or store bought tomato and basil sauce Grated cheddar cheese Method Preheat oven […]

Beef Casserole

Anyone that knows me, knows I love Donna Hay!! This recipe is a modified version of her ‘Red wine and beef simmer.’ We have enjoyed this recipe many times, however we have recently modified it to make it an entire meal for Abi to enjoy as well! Ingredients 1kg beef blade steak, chopped into 1cm […]

Sweet Corn Fritters with Tomato salsa and Guacamole

My Mum recently made Bill Grangers version of this recipe and we loved it. I have made a few modifications to make it more family friendly. This is now one of our family favourites. Its quick and easy to prepapre, and we all enjoy eating it!! Ingredients 3 cobs of fresh corn, kernels cut from cobs or (1½ […]