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“Having a baby is life changing. And your exercise needs change too. We care for your pelvic floor, supporting yourfitness, without leaving baby behind.”


Vicky Anderson / Owner of ShapeUp Mums 

Why Choose ShapeUp Mums?

Safe post natal exercise

Our trainers have specialised training in caring for your pelvic floor through exercise. With individual assessment and small classes, you’re in safe hands to get back to exercise, without doing harm.

Supported exercise & community

Getting out of the house can be a challenge…one that our fitness groups understand. Join like-minded women who can share and support your journey to fitness.

Child friendly classes

Be able to exercise without having to worry about childcare and feeding times. Bubs, toddlers and children are absolutely welcome*.

(*parent maintains full responsibility of their child/children at all times, with the support of the trainer and group)

Classes for all Mums

Group fitness

Early morning and morning classes with local mums and kids, focused on strength, cardio and pelvic floor exercise. Find a location near you in our timetable below.


Prefer to exercise without the kids? Our pilates classes support mums in core stability, breathing and pelvic floor strength through the principles of pilates. 

personal training

Prefer 1 on 1 training as you recover and return to fitness? This is training that’s tailored to you with maximum supervision and care and we can come to you.

How to support your pelvic floor

Get back into it gently…

Returning to exercise after having a baby needs careful consideration and expert support.

These principles will help to ensure your body is gently guided through a safe and positive journey back to fitness.


The first 6 weeks

Keep any exercise gentle in the first 6 weeks, avoiding weights, sit-ups or high intensity. Focus on recovery. Walking, swimming & pilates are then good first steps back to exercise.


Pelvic floor exercises

Pregnancy and birth puts a lot of strain on these muscles. Begin with pelvic floor exercises lying down, then move to sitting and standing.


Skip the ab crunches

As much as you may want to target the tummy area, sit ups or crunches are best avoided. Learn core exercises that strengthen and support the pelvic floor.


Expert support and treatment

If you’re concerned that your pelvic floor is not recovering from your recent birth, chat to us & consult a women’s health physio to help.

Meet a ShapeUp Mum


 mum of 3 


After  birthing 3 children my body had seen better days. Finding that I had muscle separation and knowing that my pelvic floor needed serious help I sought the advice of Vicky and Shape Up Mums. Vicky’s knowledge and guidance with the correct exercises and attention on re-building my fitness and strengthening the muscles used in childbirth was crucial to my recovery. I would highly recommend Vicky and Shape Up Mums to any mum wanting the correct guidance for your body.

Class Timetable



Hawthorn – St James Park

Glen Iris – Ferndale Park

Canterbury – Canterbury Sports Ground

Surrey Hills – The Uniting Church

Prahran – Victoria Gardens High Street

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