As a mum, not sure how to stay active in winter? Well we won’t lie, there really is something about the Melbourne change of weather that has us wanting to slow down, cosy up with the kids and think about hibernation! But in the same way the kids still want to go to the park […]

So we’ve all wondered at some point..’What will help me lose weight, Cardio or Resistance training?’ Although Cardio will burn more calories than resistance training in a shorter amount of time, (Cardio uses more energy).. DON’T ditch the weights… Resistance training has extra benefits for your body that doing cardio alone will not achieve. CARDIOVASCULAR […]

We all know working out is good for us in many ways, and most mums will agree that exercising after delivery can be challenging; Your body has been tested to its limits, your getting little to no sleep and you have a new life to care for 24hrs a day!! But after our bodies have […]

   We’ve all been there, where we start an exercise routine and    are so excited, motivated and determined. ‘Yeah I can do this!’ then…BOOM… the tired, negative, cant be bothered attitude creeps in. Does this sound familiar? Especially when we have been up half the night with our little ones. Keeping the motivation to […]

The core is the muscles which surround the trunk of your body! These include muscles of the abdomen (Inner and Outer) Back, Pelvic Floor and even our breathing muscles (the diaphragm). Ideally these muscles should work as a team, but quite often during pregnancy and childbirth the integrity of these muscle can be affected. Due […]

so you’ve just found out your pregnant, you must stop exercising immediately right? WRONG! We at Shape Up Mums encourage pregnant women to participate in our exercise classes, wether you were fit before or not. One thing we do recommend is that your main goal is to maintain a good fitness level and healthy lifestyle […]

If I had a perfect answer to this, I would wave my magic wand and make it happen for everyone. But we all know that once you become a mum your priorities change, and you tend to put others needs first. So what can we do to ensure that we look after ourselves, give ourselves […]

Neutral spine is the strong and natural position of the spine when we are standing and sitting. Often through pregnancy women lose core muscle integrity, and forget how to correctly and safely hold themselves. The importance of rebuilding a strong core, and doing activities and exercises in a neutral spine is integral to prevention of […]

As a trainer and PT I am asked this all the time! And I want to start by saying there is no rule for everyone, as we are all different, gained different amounts during pregnancy and have very different tendencies to hold on to weight or lose weight in the months/years that follow the birth […]

One of my goals as a mum is to set the best example to my little ones. This has become more important to me having two beautiful little girls, I have witnessed firsthand (seeing girlfriends encounter eating disorders) the affect that positive body image can have on young girls and woman and their perspective on […]