Sports Bra selection for breastfeeding Mums

Content provided by She Science, original source: With most nursing mothers in a frenzy to shed the weight post pregnancy, it’s not uncommon to see breastfeeding mothers battling it out on the pavement. Unfortunately it’s equally as common to see some obvious mistakes being made with their Sports Bra selection. Here are a few […]

Exercises tips for mums at home

From our recent client feedback survey, the most popular topic that you want covered in the newsletter is ‘Exercise ideas for home!’ So here it is…. Exercise with baby No excuses for not having any equipment, all of you can use your baby!! Making sure if you are using your baby as a weight, that […]

Abdominal seperation (DRAM)

Abdominal separation or diastasis recti (DRAM) is a common condition of pregnancy and postpartum, when the right and left halves of your abdominal muscles spread apart at the body’s mid line. During your pregnancy your abdominal muscles are stretched, due to the growth of your uterus and baby. During this time, your abdominals become compromised […]

Post-natal exercise for new mums

Following the birth of your baby your initially thoughts are about recovering from you recent birth, ensuring your new bundle of joy is nourished, dry and sleeping. As a new mum you are also trying to get some nutrition and sleep for you! As the days roll into week, and the weeks come around to […]

How to get ready for Summer!

I wish I had an easy recipe for how to get flat abs! If it was as easy as a following a simple diet, I would definitely tell you! There are some basics for how to be at your best for the warmer months when you want to wear less clothing (eg. Bathers!) As a […]

Discounted fitness clothing!

Talking with other mums at Shape Up Mums sessions recently, I have been asked numerous times where to buy reasonably priced fitness gear. So I thought I’d put some ideas together! Outlets!!! Lululemon Outlet – 30 Rupert St, Collingwood. I think most of you know my love affair for Lululemon clothing. As I tend to […]

Keeping little ones warm and dry over winter season

  Many mums worry that as the days become colder and wetter that exercising outside is not a great option. At Shape Up Mums we have witnessed firsthand, how being prepared and organised for these colder days pays off! So here are some tips from personal experience that we have learnt from Shape Up Mums along the way! […]

Fitness gear for preggie mums!

As the months progress through your pregnancy, you slowly decide that particular pieces of clothing – ‘Just don’t fit!!’ As our bodies change, it’s one of the many joys that pregnancy brings. For me, if I’m honest – I don’t particularly enjoy not being able to fit in my clothes. But we need to remind […]

Pelvic Instability (Pelvic Girdle Pain)

About a month ago, I visited our physio friends at Fitwise so that I could do some pilates sessions during the final 12 weeks of my pregnancy. As I discussed with my physio (lovely Claire) any concerns etc, I explained I’d experienced some mild lower back pain – particularly on days that I had carried […]

How to keep a New Year resolution!

We have all thought about what we would like to achieve in 2013, and some of us will have made the decision to make a ‘New Year’s resolution’ for the year. So how do you keep on track to achieve these goals, and what can you do along the way to ensure that you are […]