So you’ve worked hard over the past months to improve your health and fitness, to feel good for summer. And then summer is upon us, which means the festive season. It is a difficult time of year to find time for both exercise and eating well. It is just so easy to indulge at all […]

This is a great question that we as trainers are often asked. Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer, as everyone is different!! However, I can definitely give you some answers to apply to your personal situation! Firstly we need to define what results are…. Is the result; weight loss, regaining your pre-pregnancy body, being able […]

Changes during pregnancy As soon as you fall pregnant, your body changes! Your body is working hard to provide the adequate building blocks for your unborn child. This combined with the physiological changes in your body, including increased hormone levels – particularly Relaxin result in your body being different to prior to conception. This relaxin […]

Ecstasy, exhaustion, extreme fatigue, euphoria, tears of joy, emotional high, jelly legs, swelling, bruising, RELIEF! Have you experienced these feelings? I most recently did after crossing the finish line in Central Park, New York last November after completing the NYC Marathon. But, these are all words you could use to describe the emotions and physical […]

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this question, I’d be very rich!! The last 2-5kg is always the hardest to shift. The best way I can explain this is that if you weigh ~150kg, exercises such as walking are going to burn a lot of energy (due to the sheer […]

With the recent article in the Leader newspapers about what clothes mums should wear when exercising. I thought it was a great opportunity to write something a little more detailed. I definitely don’t hide my love of Lululemon clothes, and the girls at the Camberwell store are just too helpful! I find it very difficult […]

STEPPING OUT Suzanne Robson Progress Leader 7 Aug 2012 IF WATCHING the British Olympic squad stride out in Stella McCartney and Armani-clad Italian athletes compete in designer duds made you think twice about your threadbare gym gear then it might be time for an upgrade. As a personal trainer,…read more… Tech Tags: Progress Leader newspaper […]

Over recent weeks we have been doing some more complex boxing combinations. For our new Mums, some of the terminology is a little unfamiliar. So I thought I would explain the different types of punches that we commonly do. It is important to always remember when we are doing any boxing exercises to have your […]

With only one month until spring, we know that Summer is just around the corner.  So it’s definitely time to think about how we can keep motivated to exercise and get in Shape. With some very cool, windy and wet mornings at the moment – I thought I would help you all out with some […]

Following the arrival of a baby a female must be careful how she recommences exercising. It is recommended that prior to the 6-week check-up only very light exercise is done, such as light walking and incidental movement around the house. Once you have seen your GP or obstetrician for your 6-week appointment and they have […]