Vicky Anderson

Vicky is the proud owner of Shape Up Mum’s.  For the past 7 years she has been a passionate, enthusiastic instructor for SUM, helping hundreds of women develop strong pelvic floor and core control post birth, and jumped at the chance to take over ownership of the business in 2017.

Vicky has always been passionate about health and fitness, but it was her desire to move away from her IT career led to her to retrain as a personal trainer.  Returning to exercise after having her own children, the SUM’s philosophy appealed to Vicky as she could attend sessions which were not only safe after child birth, but could assist in recovery after birth, such as helping abdominal separation and also allowed her to bring her children along to the session.

Growing up in chilly England, Vicky loves exercising outdoors with the Shape Up Mums group exercise sessions.  She also keeps fit through regular resistance training at the gym, swimming, and running and has been a Yoga devotee for 20+ years.

Vicky has 2 beautiful children, Levi (10 yrs) and Mya (8 yrs) and understands firsthand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep up with energetic kids.

Vicky is committed to professional development and regularly updates her knowledge and skills.  Having completed her Matwork Pilates Instructor course she has learnt even more the importance of developing and maintaining a strong pelvic floor and core.  She aims to end most sessions with some of this Pilates knowledge.

Emma O’Connor

From an early age, Emma had a strong passion for fitness and healthy eating.

It wasn’t until she became a mother herself, that she realised the importance of maintaining fitness and keeping an active lifestyle for body……but also imperative for the mind.

She left her career in IT administration after the birth of her daughter and vowed never to return. Instead she gained certifications in early childhood education and then qualified as a Personal Trainer and has never looked back.

Emma loves cardio, resistance and the challenge of cross training!

She is very results driven and thrives on helping other on their journey to achieving their goals.

Taryn - Shape Up Mums

Taryn Gaudin

Taryn is a holistic Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.  For as long as she can remember Taryn has loved all kinds of movement. She loves strength training, running, open water swimming, triathlon, yoga & pilates.

After her first babe Sophie (5 yrs), Taryn represented Australia in the Age Group World Championships for Triathlon in Chicago. Her interest in helping postnatal women return to sport and exercise that they loved had been sparked. Taryn began her transition out of hospital work as a Physiotherapist & began her career development in Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy.

After the birth of her second babe Hannah (3 yrs), Taryn found it more challenging to return to her high intensity exercise & fitness. Teaching her a new level of appreciation of deep core & pelvic floor recovery, patience, self kindness & body acceptance.  Her journey to this point has given Taryn a very holistic impression of Women’s Health & a unique approach to Women’s Physio.

Taryn’s passion is to help women to feel at home in their body. She believes in you & your body’s capability, resilience & full capacity to feel strong, fit & healthy. Taryn can certainly challenge you, but will always be in full support of what feels good for you.

Interested in becoming a ShapeUp Mums Trainer? Check-out Jobs @ Shape Up Mums for details